Hazardous Materials

The Johnstown Fire Department has committed a vast amount of time, material and manpower for response to and mitigation of hazardous materials releases in and near the City of Johnstown.  Every member of the Johnstown Fire Department has received extensive training in hazardous materials response. 

Over 80% of the Fire Fighters in the Johnstown Fire Department have been trained as hazardous materials technicians which is the highest level of response training available.                                

The fire department also has a fully equipped hazardous materials response vehicle which is stocked with state of the art detection and mitigation equipment.

This response vehicle is capable of responding quickly throughout the region to any type of hazardous materials release. 

The management and staff of the Johnstown Fire Department have recognized the need for effective, efficient and safe response to hazardous materials releases and they have risen to the challenge for the betterment of the community