Mission Statement

The Johnstown Police Department serves and protects the persons and property within the City of Johnstown, and enforces all state and local laws in a professional manner with fairness and courtesy.  The JPD is a full service police agency dedicated to improving the lives of our citizens and visitors by ensuring safe, clean, and friendly environment in which they live and work.  The officers and civilian employees of the Johnstown Police Department take great pride in their chosen profession, and will continue to strive to improve our department through training, education, and service.

The Johnstown Police Department is a 24/7 full service police agency.

Johnstown, settled in 1770, is perhaps most famous for its three floods. The “Great Flood” of May 31, 1889 occurred after the South Fork Dam collapsed 14.1 miles (23 km) upstream from the city during heavy rains. At least 2,209 people died as a result of the flood and subsequent fire that raged through the debris. Other major floods occurred in 1936 and 1977.

The City of Johnstown is a 3rd Class City founded in 1841, which encompasses 5.47 square miles with a population of 20,978( 2010 Census). Within a 5 mile radius of City Hall, the population is 144,297. Johnstown is located approximately 70 miles east of Pittsburgh. The city is surround by 10 Boroughs and 8 Townships. West Taylor Twp, Middle Taylor Twp and Dale Borough contract Police services from the City of Johnstown.

The City of Johnstown Police Department consist of 35 full-time officers. The department’s structure is as follows:

Chief of Police, 2 Captains, 6 Patrol Sgt’s, 4 Detectives, one Juvenile officer, 2 officers assigned under the C.O.P.S program, 4 street patrol K9 Teams, 4 Motor Units(motorcycles),  C.I.T. officers and several selected officers of the Johnstown Police Dept. operate on the Cambria County Special Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T).

The Department has several specialized vehicles: A Mobile Command Center, a S.E.R.T. response vehicle and armored EMS Tactical vehicle, a unit outfitted with LPR (License Plate Reader) Technology, and a Prisoner Transport Unit.

The Officer’s of the Johnstown Police Department are men and women who are dedicated to serving the citizens of the City Of Johnstown and contracted communities in a professional manner.

Becoming an officer