• Criminal Investigation

    Detectives from this bureau are assigned to investigate all major felony offenses including homicide, arson, burglary, robbery, rape, child abuse and white-collar crimes. Furthermore, they are responsible for investigating all drug concerns.

    BCI is comprised of three detectives and a detective Sergeant that have received specialized training in:

    • crime scene processing
    • interview & interrogation
    • drug investigation
    • crisis negotiations
    • arson detection & investigation
    • child abuse investigation
    • homicide investigation

    BCI is constantly exploring and developing more effective investigative techniques to address violent crime.

    BCI is proud to serve this community and asks the public for assistance in solving crime. If you have any information about a crime, the Detectives would like to hear from you. You can remain anonymous by calling 814-533-2078 or entering a tip on the department’s website tip line.

  • K-9 Unit

    The K9 corps consists of 4 officer/handlers who are assigned canine partners. The canines used by the JPD are mostly Dutch Shepherds and one Belgian Malinois.

    K9 teams are authorized to respond wherever and whenever they are needed. These teams often participate in specialized training, public events, self initiated patrols, and render assistance to state and county law enforcement officers in the Johnstown area.

  • Motorcycle Corps

    The Johnstown Police Motor Corps consists of four officers equipped with 2012 Harley Davidson FLHP motorcycles. These officers conduct regular patrols and traffic control along with reserved assignments such as parades and special events and serving as escorts.

    As a sign of community involvement, they occasionally participate in motorcycle runs to benefit charities and special causes.

  • Patrol Division

    The Patrol Division makes up the largest sector of the Johnstown Police Department. At present, 30 members of the Police Department are assigned to this important unit. The Patrol Division is the segment of the police force the majority of people have contact with most often. This division is the first to respond to all calls for service, as well as, being seen in marked patrol units throughout the neighborhoods in the community. The officers also do foot patrols during their shifts. The members of the Patrol Division are available for calls 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, regardless of the nature or conditions of the call for service. The JPD has a contract for services with the Johnstown Housing Authority (JHA), Middle Taylor Township, West Taylor Township and Lorain Borough.

  • Special Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T)

    The Johnstown Cambria County Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) consists of highly-trained, swat-certified officers from the Johnstown Police Department and many departments in Cambria County.

    The SERT, established in the 1990’s, responds to situations involving hostages, armed and barricaded suspects, suicidal subjects, as well as serving high risk warrants. The team also provides protection to visiting dignitaries.

    The SERT Team utilizes a variety of high-tech weapons and chemical munitions. This highly trained and professional group is certified and recognized by the National Tactical Officers Association.