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  • Department Visits

    The Johnstown Fire Department welcomes all visitors to any one of its three stations for tours and can accommodate groups.

    We also provide OSHA approved workplace fire safety training for organizations at your location. This must be scheduled in advance and is provided for a small fee.

    Department staff are also available to do presentations for groups on fire safety. Some examples of past groups we have presented to include schools, employees of daycare facilities, scout troops as well as many others. Our materials can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

    The Johnstown Fire Departments Fire Safety House is also available to groups for fire safety presentations. Our fire safety trailer  can be brought to your location or groups can tour it at our West End fire station located on Fairfield Avenue.

    The Fire Safety House is equipped with living areas to simulate various common types of fires and what to do in the event of a fire. The trailer can upon request be filled with safe nontoxic theatric smoke to enhance the reality of a fire situation. Individuals will learn the correct methods for reporting a fire or other emergency as well as ways to prevent the chance of a fire from happening in your home.

    In order to schedule a presentation, tour or to reserve the Fire Safety House for your organization please contact the Office of the Fire Chief.

  • Employee Safety Training

    Our firefighters are continually training in order to keep current and sharp at their skills. We utilize the Johnstown Fire Department training center, built in 2011. Located on Iron Street in the city, in close proximity to the center of town. The training center, a 3 story steel structure, was custom built to allow us to simulate actual emergency situations we may encounter.

    The Johnstown Fire Department Training Center is available for classes, presentations or tours. In order to reserve the facility for your event please contact the Office of the Fire Chief.

    Available Features of the Training Center include:

    Confined Space Simulator

    The confined space simulator allows crews to lower a victim, thus mimicking actual rescue scenarios of working in a tight space and safely packaging and removing an entrapped victim vertically.

    Multiple Levels with Door and Window Egress

    Ideal for firefighter rescue scenarios and for practicing hose advancement skills. Hinged windows also allow firefighters to practice horizontal and vertical ventilation. Aerial and appropriate ground ladder placement for victim rescues can be simulated as facility has driveable access for crews on all sides.

    Heavy Duty Anchor Point

    Heavy duty anchor point is present at top of facility which allows for rappelling and rope rescue drills. A roof simulator is also available onsite to practice vertical ventilation on shingled roofs.

    State Approved Live Burn Room

    Adapting to low visibility conditions and extreme heat while utilizing appropriate victim search techniques are essential skills for firefighters. The training facility burn room enables firefighters to practice extinguishing live fire and being in real life fire conditions in a controlled atmosphere. Fire hydrant present on site for engine operator skill practice.

    Removable Wall Sections

    Removable wall sections which allow firefighters to build search mazes that can present realistic examples of the obstacles we may encounter in real fires. Wall breaching techniques and firefighter survival skills can also be taught at this facility.

    Classroom Facility On Site

    Equipped with tables and chairs to allow close proximity to practical evolution.