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10486 – Extension of Interim City Manager Employment

10487 – Appointment of Beard Legal Group as City Solicitor

10488 – Confirmation of Appointments to Loan Review Committee

10489 – Animal Control Services Agreement Authorization

10490 – Fairfield Avenue Stormwater Change Order Authorization

10491 – Selection of Property, Liability, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance for 2022

10492 – Agreement Authorization for Design of Improvements to Locust Street Parking Lot

10493 – Employment Agreement Authorization, Ethan Imhoff

10494 – Purchase of Two Vacant Parcels on Murdock Street

10495 – Amending Ordinance 10474 Identifying Rates for Monthly Parking

10496 – Agreement with Cambria County Commissioners to lease Parking Paces at Main Street East Parking Garage

10497 – Adopting an Investment Plan Detailing Use of American Rescue Act Funding

10498 – Purchase Authorization for 2023 Dump Truck, Aluminum Truck Bed, Snow Equipment and a 2021 Ford Ranger for Code Enforcement

10499 – Grant Application to PA DCNR for Improvements to Forest Ave, Honan Ave, and Roxbury Parks

10500 – Construction of Two-Story Building at Sargent’s Stadium

10501 – Designation of Acting City Manager Designees

10502 – Authorization to Purchase Hydraulic Rescue Tool System

10503 – Authorization of Grant Submission to PA DCED for New Fire Station

10504 – School Resource Officer Agreement with Greater Johnstown School District

10505 – JRA Agreement to Execute American Rescue Plan Funding

10506 – Agreement for the Repairs of Sam’s Run Floodwall and Cherry Run Wall Replacement

10507 – Purchasing one John Deere Zero Turn Mower

10508 – Purchase one John Deere Sub Compact Tractor

10509 – Purchasing Hydraulic Rescue Tool and DeWalt Power Tools

10510 – Approval of DCNR Grant Application for Stackhouse Park

10511 – Approval of Purchase of a JCB 427 Wheel Loader for Public Works Department

10512 – Approval of Purchase of a new Fire Truck for the Johnstown Fire Department

10513 – Approval of Bid for Purchase of Multi Sport Deck Tiles at Roxbury Park